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Religions, a peer-reviewed, open access journal of theology, invites scholars to submit papers for its special issue, “Political Theology and Pluralism.”

Around the Network, In the Field

The Telos-Paul Piccone Institute, in collaboration with
Deutsches Haus at New York University, is pleased to host the 2019 Telos Conference, “Political Theology Today as Critical Theory of the Contemporary: Reason, Religion, Humanism.”

In the Field, Around the Network
Around the Network, In the Field

It is through our own wounds that we’re called into the work of transformation.


“Organizing is very hard work. You might not see a result right away. But with enough education and consistency you can move the needle. And it also shows how refugee and immigrant communities, with the right information and with time, they become parts of the community.”

In the Field, One-on-Ones

I have hopes that a more “religionless” but publicly engaged Christianity is possible.


An introduction and a call for submissions

Around the Network, One-on-Ones

We should be defined by how we handle our differences, not by our differences.