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Announcing “Political Theology” 15.5

POL 15-5 coverThe editors of Political Theology are pleased to announce that the latest issue, 15.5, is now available on the web. Our main articles this issue concern Tariq Ramadan and Sayyid Qutb, Hans Urs von Balthasar’s critique of nationalism, Jean-Luc Nancy, Agamben, and the politics of moral patience.  See the full contents below.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Reasoning about Exceptions – Ted A. Smith


What is a Salafi Reformist? Tariq Ramadan and Sayyid Qutb in Conversation – Matthew A. MacDonald

Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Theological Critique of Nationalism – Stephen Waldron

Capitalism — or Christianity: Creation and Incarnation in Jean-Luc Nancy – Peter Joseph Fritz

Agamben and the Migrations of Glory: Sovereign Power, Global Capitalism, Messianic Expectation – Fred Guyette

The Politics of Moral Patience – Paul Doerksen


Kaveny, Cathleen, Law’s Virtues: Fostering Autonomy and Solidarity in American Society – Meghan J. Clark

Wrobleski, Jessica, The Limits of Hospitality – María Teresa Dávila

Marshall, Christopher D., Compassionate Justice: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue with Two Gospel Parables on Law, Crime, and Restorative Justice – Brian R. Gumm

Seibert, Eric A., The Violence of Scripture: Overcoming the Old Testament’s Troubling Legacy – Lloyd Steffen

Martens, Paul, The Heterodox Yoder – Jordan Daniel Wood

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