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Political Theology Network Staff

Executive Committee:

  • Brandy Daniels (University of Portland),
  • Heather Ohaneson (Brooklyn Institute for Social Research),
  • Lucia Hulsether (Skidmore College)
  • Tommy Lynch (University of Chichester)


Amanda Furiasse (Nova Southeastern University)

Sher Afgan Tareen (Morgan State University)

Symposia editor(s): TBD

Politics of Scripture Editorial Team:

  • Caralie Focht, Series Editor (Cranbrook Schools)
  • Christy Randazzo (Montclair State University/University of St. Joseph)
  • Tim McNinch (Emory University)
  • Anderson Jeremiah (Lancaster University)
  • SueJeanne Koh (New Hope and St. Mark Presbyterian Churches/University of California, Irvine)
  • Sunder John Boopalan (Canadian Mennonite University)

Critical Theory for Political Theology Editorial Team:

Catholic Re-Visions Editorial Team:

The Brink Editorial Team:

Outreach and Mentoring Coordinator: Roberto Sirvent (Yale University)

Dissertation Workshop Coordinator: Inese Radzins (Stanislaus State)