Good Publicity? Public Theology in an Age of Public Shame

It seems that only a certain kind of public theologian, touting a certain kind of theology, is recognizable to the religiously unaffiliated as being, well, religious.

Reconsidering Public Theology, Symposia

The vocation of the public theologian is to testify to their faith and in doing so to further the good news of Jesus in all our publics. At the same time, the aim of this public theological discourse ought not be to colonize other publics for Christianity.

Reconsidering Public Theology, Symposia

In a hateful political climate, it’s easy to feel defeat. However, Daniel 7 teaches us that God is present in the midst of oppression and intervenes as a liberator God. We must join in this liberation to defy feelings of defeat.

Lectionary, The Politics of Scripture

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The Mentoring Initiative aims to bring together students and scholars engaged in different research methods but who are addressing a shared set of questions. Our hope is that the Political Theology Network Mentoring Initiative might even create a space where new research questions and methods will emerge.

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Reconsidering Public Theology

Is public theology a worthy aim politically? Is public theology necessarily political? Is “the public” of public theology a unitary entity? Who are some paradigms of the public theologian? Can public theology speak in a milieu of deep pluralism? What are the publics of political theology?

Reconsidering Public Theology, Symposia

What are the prospects and limits of confronting sexual violence from within political theology?

#PTtoo, Symposia

For this symposium, we asked our contributors to reflect on possible points of intersection between ecology and political theology.


The first half of our conversation about how white teaching and preaching how white preaching and teaching can change, have changed, and/or must still change in the face of #BlackLivesMatter (the moment and the movement).