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"The Temptation of St. Anthony."
Catholic Re-Visions

Creation, Vengefully Transfigured

Pope Francis suggests that trans people are destroying the world. Perhaps he might learn something if we did.

<strong>School Education and Divine Violence</strong>

“Thinking about school education through Walter Benjamin’s concept of divine violence, we argue that schools must be defended not despite but precisely because of the violence they encompass.”

Power, Freedom, and the Humility of Christ

In this hymnic account of Jesus’ person and mission, his preference for and service to others becomes a paradigm for faithful human existence. God’s solidarity with the human race discloses the truth of both power and freedom.

Catholic Re-Visions Call for Content

Catholic Re-Visions welcomes proposals for its next slate of content. How might we talk of “Catholicism,” being attentive to the past, while engaging with the messy present, to encounter a future that is not yet known?

Towards a Balkan Theology of Political Liberation

The Institute for Theology and Politics (ITP) is conceived to be a generator for establishing the first Balkan, i.e., post-Yugoslav contextual theology with a political-theological and theological-liberation orientation.

Critical Theory for Political Theology 2.0

Why Political Theology Needs Children

“Children give us immense joy, but they are also hard work. We have to do everything for them but sometimes we also have to resist the urge to help them, so that they can become independent. They grow up too fast, but also, often, way too slowly. When they rebel against us, it is a sign that we have raised them well. Could we treat our political theological categories similarly? Could we want for them this flexibility, or mutability, this growing independence from us who created them?”

The Science of the Last Things in Time of Climate Apocalypse

What happens when Catholic eschatology confronts the environmental apocalypse?

<strong>Religion, Rebellion, and Sovereignty: Malabar Rebellion and the Problem Space of Political Theology</strong>

The symposium initiates a conversation on the forms and practices of sovereignty in South Asia in the context of a peasant Muslim insurgency against British colonialism in 20th-century Malabar in South India.