ASSEMBLY Ep 07: White Teaching & Preaching after #BlackLivesMatter, Part 2

Part 2 of our conversation on how white teaching and preaching have changed — can change — still need to change in the face of #BlackLivesMatter.

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Global Horizons!

Truth be told, the world is much larger than we are able to remember.

Global Horizon

What is the role of the public theologian in unveiling the racialized discourse of public theology itself?

For this symposium, we asked respondents to reflect on the question, “What are the political implications of naming a text sacred?”


In the Field

Christianity and Democracy after Trump

Many white evangelicals seem not to realize that American democracy has also been good for American Christianity and that too close an association between worldly and spiritual power will ultimately diminish both.


New essays by Anthony M. Bateza, John Witte Jr., Matthew J. Tuininga, Joan Lockwood O’Donovan, and Elisabeth Rain Kincaid look back to the political theologies active in the European Reformations.