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The Brink

Dorothy Day Through the Eyes of Her Granddaughters: An Interview with Kate and Martha Hennessy

In terms of Dorothy’s theology, I think that there is an inclination now where they want to write about piety. They don’t want to write about “Don’t pay your war taxes.”

Remembering Jürgen Moltmann

In friendship, Jürgen says, we experience a “broad space” in which we can expand. The power and beauty of the letters between Kelly and Jürgen lies, in part, in the fact that they occupied a wide space that encompassed radically different social locations.

PTN Summer Reading Group on Stuart Hall

PTN will convene a reading group on Stuart Hall’s thought.

From the Archives: Apocalypse

For the twenty-fifth anniversary of the journal Political Theology, we are diving into the journal’s archives to share highlights of what we have published. In this installment, here are some of the articles and blog posts we have published on questions of apocalypse and the apocalyptic.

Religious revival meeting at Eastham, Mass., 1852: Exhortation and preaching... (Public Domain)
Religion and the Public Life

Revivals: Now & Then

If nothing else, the national public attention and copy-cat movements following the Asbury Revival speak to the need for spiritual revival—as in the Great First Awakening, most people are dissatisfied with established religion and are looking for ways to experience a genuine spiritual awakening.

New Theologies of Nature

This symposium brings together three thinkers on the ideas of nature, animals, God, and the relationship between all of them.

The Politics of Atheism

The Politics of Atheism Symposium sheds light on atheism’s emancipatory force. With a commitment to immanence, atheism can provide a counterweight to the pervasive appeals to God or other transcendent ideas used to legitimate systems of domination.