In the Belly of the Colony

Is this nation ultimately facing a precipice of desoulation? Or could this also be the dark abyss out of which to ensoul itself rather than to continue erecting the towers of indignity that proudly shadow its border-history?

Love and Politics, Symposia

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Love and Politics

What is at stake in invoking “love” in political spheres? When we claim that “Love Trumps Hate”, what vision of “love” are we championing? When and how is it valuable for activists and religious leaders to make recourse to the idea of “love”? What kind of obligations does “love” entail?

Love and Politics, Symposia

Truth be told, the world is much larger than we are able to remember.

What is the role of the public theologian in unveiling the racialized discourse of public theology itself?


In the Field

Join a reading group sponsored by the Political Theology Network treating a classic text.

Many white evangelicals seem not to realize that American democracy has also been good for American Christianity and that too close an association between worldly and spiritual power will ultimately diminish both.