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Catholic Re-Visions

After Certainty: Liberations of Failure

Liberation, caught between queer nihilism and eschatological certainty, must seek an third way beyond the binary of hopefulness and hopelessness through the negation of both. It must transpose itself into an apophatic register as the experience of continual failure, an uncertain endless becoming, that might be called simple hope.

Palestine and Political Theology Virtual Event

The journal Political Theology will host an event on “Palestine and Political Theology” April 4 at 2pm eastern.

From the Archives: Just War

For the twenty-fifth anniversary of the journal Political Theology, we are diving into the journal’s archives to share highlights of what we have published. In this installment, here are some of the articles we have published on questions of just war

Announcing the Political Theology Article Contest

The journal Political Theology announces its first ever article contest for all accepted unsolicited submissions in the year 2024. Submit your article now!

Critical Theory for Political Theology 3.0

The Politics of Black Atheism in the United States

From the mid-19th century, African American atheists have been central figures in the Black Freedom Struggle. Their political activism was oftentimes explicitly motivated by their atheism and has provided an important example to contemporary Black atheists and humanists.

Re-(En)Visioning Liberation: 50 years after Gustavo Gutiérrez’s A Theology of Liberation

Across these six essays, the role of liberation as either a political end or a methodological concept is problematized as means to thinking beyond liberation to a material politics darkly intuited but urgently needed.

The Many Works of Octavia Butler

Reading Butler’s fictional works against contemporary social, ecological, and geopolitical crises, her prescient ability to imagine and communicate a dystopic near-future from her writing desk in the 1980s and 1990s is uniquely prodigious