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The Political Theology Network (PTN) is an organizing network for scholars, activists, and community leaders who are interested in promoting the publicly engaged, interdisciplinary study of religion and politics. If that describes you, please take a moment to become a member of or renew your PTN membership. 

Once you become a member, you will receive our PTN newsletter that regularly updates and invites you to join diverse activities of the PTN (opt out anytime).

We collect annual membership fees on a pay-what-you-wish basis. How much or little you pay for your annual membership fee is up to you, but we suggest the following scale as a guide: 

  • Students or contingent faculty: $25
  • Early-career faculty, professionals: $75
  • Senior faculty, professionals: $150 

Once you complete the first registration page (after hitting “Submit” below), you can click “Membership fee” in order to pay what you wish and contributing to PTN. 

PTN received start-up funds from the Henry Luce Foundation. Since 2022 we have made steps to become self-sustaining: we run on your funds. To learn more about what activities your fees enable, visit our “Membership Funds Support” page.

If you have questions, please reach out to politicaltheologynetwork@gmail.com. Thank you for your consideration!



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