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ASSEMBLY Ep 06: White Teaching & Preaching after #BlackLivesMatter

The first half of our conversation about how white teaching and preaching how white preaching and teaching can change, have changed, and/or must still change in the face of #BlackLivesMatter (the moment and the movement).

We explore how #BlackLivesMatter transforms the very framework within which white people make sense of their role in and responsibilities for ending white supremacy. And we consider both the further potential and some limitations of #BlackLivesMatter as a impetus to racial justice.

Our panelists are

  • Rev. Dr. Traci West (Madison, NJ): Professor of Ethics and African American Studies, Drew University Theological School
  • Rev. Dr. Jen Harvey (Des Moines, IA): Professor of Religion, Drake University
  • Rev. Dr. Carolyn Helsel (Austin, TX): Assistant Professor of Homiletics, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • Rev. David Lewicki (Decatur, GA): Co-Pastor, North Decatur Presbyterian Church

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