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Adam Kotsko

Adam Kotsko teaches in the Shimer Great Books School at North Central College. His research focuses on political theology, contemporary continental philosophy, and the history of Christian thought. He is author, most recently, of What is Theology? Christian Thought and Contemporary Life (forthcoming from Fordham), Agamben’s Philosophical Trajectory (Edinburgh), and Neoliberalism’s Demons: On the Political Theology of Late Capital (Stanford), as well as the translator of many of Giorgio Agamben’s works. His writings have appeared in n+1, The New Republic, The Baffler, Slate, and Boston Review, among other venues. He can be found on Twitter @adamkotsko, and he publishes professional updates at adamkotsko.com.


Silvia Federici

Federici provides a model for political theologians engaging with race, gender, and sexuality through the lens of capitalist oppression