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Amy Hollywood

Amy Hollywood is the Elizabeth H. Monrad Professor of Christian Studies at Harvard Divinity School and a member of the Committee for the Study of Religion at Harvard University. She is most recently the author of Acute Melancholia and Other Essays: Mysticism, History, and the Study of Religion (Columbia, 2016) and, together with Constance M. Furey and Sarah Hammerschlag, Devotion: Three Inquires on Religion, Literature, and the Political Imagination (Chicago, 2021). She is currently working on a manuscript dealing with life and death, fiction and memory, the true and the real in Henry James and others.



<strong>Dream Life Book: On Susan Taubes’s <em>Divorcing</em></strong>

Taubes’s novel continuously asks how we distinguish—if we can—between dreams, life, and books. Who or what speaks to the one who dreams? To the reader of a novel? Are dreams and novels and other kinds of books various mediums through which the dead speak? Can we hold this to be true while still honoring the dead as dead?