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Aline Silva

Aline (Ah-lee-nee) Silva (she/her/hers) serves as the Executive Director of CreatureKind. Prior to coming to CreatureKind, Aline served for over a decade as a local parish pastor of rural and farming populations in Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado. Aline shares herself as a queer, Black & Indigenous immigrant of Brasil to the US. Aline chooses not to eat non-human animals, her fellow-worshippers of God. Aline is a pastor, an excellent preacher, and a life coach. She writes today from the unceded lands of the Tequesta, Taino, and Seminole peoples, namedly South Florida, USA.


A Liberation of the Table: Christian Reflections on Animals, Eating, and Food Systems

The authors of this symposium nvite the reader to consider the liberation of those at the table, those on the table, those servicing and serving the tables, those raising, tending and harvesting for tables, and those without access to any table at all.