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Angela Parker

Angela N. Parker is the Assistant Professor of New Testament and Greek at Mercer University’s McAfee School of Theology. Prior to McAfee, Dr. Parker served as Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology for 4 years. While at The Seattle School, Dr. Parker received the Journal for Feminist Studies in Religion’s ESF New Scholar Award (2nd Place) for her article “One Womanist’s View of Racial Reconciliation in Galatians.” Additionally, Dr. Parker is the author of If God Still Breathes, Why Can’t I?: Black Lives Matter and Biblical Authority forthcoming from Eerdmans Publishing in 2021. In her research, Dr. Parker merges Womanist thought and postcolonial theory while reading biblical texts with real lived experiences of actual bodies.


Invoking Paul’s μὴ γένοιτο and Sofia’s “Hell No” Against the Stubborn Whiteness of Biblical Scholarship

First, we must all remember our history and stop the blatant amnesia behind racial and power dynamics in our field…Women and enslaved persons were not a part of the founders’ initial understanding. The same is true for the founding identities of the Society of Biblical Literature.