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Ben Dillon

Ben Dillon is an organic farmer, coffee roaster, and educator based in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Over the years, he has taught middle school social studies, politics and religion at the undergraduate level, and graduate courses in the history of Christian thought, theology, and ethics.


The Loneliness of the Zealot

In our zeal for the projects to which we commit ourselves, especially when we see them as responding to God’s call upon our lives, we risk a myopia that obscures our perception of other realities. Elijah’s story serves as both a warning and a source of hope to those of us inclined to abandon the institutional church, reminding us that there are likely many others who share our deepest commitments, even if these others remain invisible to us for now.

Under our Feet

In displaying its cosmic vision, Psalm 8 invites its readers to participate, in some limited way, in the divine perspective that exceeds our own, in which anthropocentric fantasies are judged and redefined.