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Carlota McAllister

Carlota McAllister is an associate professor of anthropology and former director of the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean at York University in Toronto, Canada. She studies the formation of political and moral agency in situations of conflict or crisis in agrarian communities in Guatemala and Chile, using theoretical tools drawn from the anthropology of religion, actor-network theory, feminist anthropology, and political ecology. With Diane Nelson, she co-edited War by Other Means: Aftermath in Postgenocide Guatemala (Duke UP, 2013), and her monograph The Good Road: Conscience and Consciousness in a Post-Revolutionary Mayan Village in Guatemala is forthcoming with Duke University Press. Her current project examines a dam conflict in the remote Aysén region of Chilean Patagonia, in which energy companies, millionaire private conservationists, and local gaucho smallholder ranchers clash over the meanings of private property and the powers ownership confers over this “last frontier.”


The Powers of Powerlessness

Our modest proposal is for those of us who work in political theology to listen to the Americas and to do so, insofar as possible, ethnographically.