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Constance Furey

Constance M. Furey is Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Indiana University Bloomington. Her books include Poetic Relations: Faith and Intimacy in the English Reformation (Chicago, 2016) as well as the co-authored volume, Devotion: Three Inquiries in Religion, Literature, and Political Imagination (Chicago, 2021). As recipient of a multi-year grant from the Luce Foundation’s Religion and Theology Program, Furey co-founded IUB’s Center for Religion and the Human, and founded and directs two initiatives: Teaching Religion in Public and the Being Human Institute for Emerging Scholars.



<strong>Imagining God</strong>

God’s recurring appearance in Susan Taubes’s novel Divorcing confirms the work’s alarming in-sight about the seductions of patriarchal authority while also dramatizing fiction’s imaginative power.