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Chelsea Chamberlain

Chelsea D. Chamberlain is a NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellow and PhD Candidate in History at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research focuses on the history of mental disability, education, and citizenship in the United States in the nineteenth and twentieth century. A member of the Lilly Graduate Fellows’ eighth cohort, she earned a BA in History from Whitworth University and an MA from the University of Montana. Contact her at chelsc@sas.upenn.edu or on Twitter: @cdchambs.


Crip Time, Sacred Time, and Holding History

Though theologies and practices vary, many Christians commit to sacred times of relation, mutual care, and patience as a form of devotion to God’s promise of justice, believing that this promise is their work to carry out, too. In the Sabbath lives a wider, eternal perspective and sacred release from daily rhythms, obligations, and productivity, an invitation into the transcendent.