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Christopher Driscoll

Christopher M. Driscoll is Assistant Professor of Religion, American Studies, and Africana Studies at Lehigh University. Driscoll is a scholar of race, religion, and culture, and historical and contemporary white U.S. and European religious, philosophical, and theological thought and traditions, hip hop culture, and existentialisms/humanisms, and has lectured across the U.S. and Europe on these themes. His interdisciplinary work combines social, critical, philosophical, and hermeneutical theories and methods within the academic study of religion and beyond it to communicate broader humanistic questions and topics. Driscoll is author of White Lies: Race & Uncertainty in the Twilight of American Religion (Routledge, 2015), co-author (with Monica R. Miller) of the forthcoming Method as Identity in the Academic Study of Religion (under contract with Lexington Books), and more. Find him online at shadesofwhite.org.


Complicating Love with Kendrick Lamar & Cardi B

If we are to attend to, much less celebrate, the difference between the who and the what – as we hope to do in our work – then love may be more trouble than its worth.