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Elad Lapidot

Elad Lapidot is a senior lecturer of philosophy at the University of Bern, the Humboldt University and the Selma Stern Center for Jewish Studies in Berlin. His research concerns contemporary philosophy and rabbinic thought. Recent publications: Heidegger and Jewish Thought (ed., with Micha Brumlik) (London/New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2018); Anti-anti-anti-Semitismus. Kritik einer politischen Epistemologie (Berlin: Matthes & Seitz, forthcoming).


The Goyish Goy

The Jews is the great constant of this book, persisting from Old Testament to Tel Aviv, as an ahistorical collective, undisturbed by text and politics, what the book calls ethnos, goy. This book’s apriori is the Jews as a goy.