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Grant Kaplan

Grant Kaplan is professor of systematic and historical theology in the Department of Theological at Saint Louis University. He received his Ph.D. from Boston College in 2003. His first monograph, Answering the Enlightenment: The Catholic Recovery of Historical Revelation (Crossroad, 2006), excavates the work of the Catholic Tübingen School in dialogue with German Idealism. His second monograph, René Girard, Unlikely Apologist (Notre Dame, 2016) focuses on bringing mimetic theory into conversation with fundamental theology. He is currently writing a book on the relationship between faith and reason in the Christian tradition, editing the first volume of the Oxford History of Modern German Theology, and working on a translation of Johann Adam Möhler’s final book. He has received external grants from the Fulbright Association, the DAAD, and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.


Sed Contra: How to Deal with Theologians Tweeting Badly

To forego a hermeneutic of charity risks abandoning a central part of the gospel, just as a lack of concern about standing in solidarity with the voiceless, the poor, and the marginalized would do.