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Heike Peckruhn

Heike Peckruhn is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Daemen College in Western New York. She teaches and researches at the intersections of disability, gender, sexuality, race, and colonialism. She earned a Ph.D. in Religious and Theological Studies from the University of Denver and the Iliff School of Theology, an M.A. at Eastern Mennonite University, and a B.Th. at Bienenberg Theological Seminary.


Tracing Debility and Webbing Resistance to State Violence through Crip Epistemologies

Using Puar’s line of analysis, we can trace how debilitating trauma can become a tool of the nation-state that creates racialized “mad people”: unruly, distressed, unbecoming, disposable in the eyes of the nation-state, yet necessary in their precarity and correct-ability.

Debilitating Trauma, Techniques of Violence, Creative Madness

How do we account then for bodily interactions at the southern border ethically and theologically?