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Jan Pranger

Jan Pranger is Director of Global Studies and Professor of Religion at Concordia College. He has published books and articles on ecumenical theology, theological contextualization, and interreligious dialogue, including Dialogue in Discussion and Redeeming Tradition; Inculturation, Contextualization, and Tradition in Postcolonial Perspective. With the support of the Louisville Institute, Dr. Pranger is conducting research on the effects of the extraction industries on religious communities in Western North Dakota, which he compares interculturally with similar situations in South Africa.


Decolonization at the Intersection of Political Theology and Settler Colonial Studies

From the perspective of political theology, the presence of Indigenous peoples and settlers shaped by historical and ongoing settler colonial relations raises important political and religious questions about the possibilities and conditions of sovereign Indigenous existence and the (im)possibities and conditions of restorative or reconciled settler futures.