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J. Brent Crosson

J. Brent Crosson is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Anthropology at the University of Texas-Austin.  He is author of Experiments with Power (Univ. of Chicago Press 2020) and edited the special issue of the Journal of Anthropology “What Possessed You? Spirits, Sovereignties, Selves.”


Manufacturing Dissent:  The DC Insurrection and the Cycle of Law-Preserving and Law-Making Violence

We are shocked. Morally outraged. How could a US president tout “law and order” to incite a blatant attack on “American democracy” and “the rule of law,” encouraging his supporters to storm the US capitol? Commentators decry such hypocrisy, stating the obvious contradiction between US constitutional law and violent coups. My contention in this essay is that no such contradiction exists.

Fred Moten

Moten’s prophecy bespeaks aesthetic registers in ordinary (Black) life, but he denies that the aesthetic is redemptive.