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Jojo Fung, SJ

Jojo M. Fung SJ is a board member of Sacred Springs: Dialogue Institute of Spirituality and Sustainability and a member of Laudato Si’ Asia-Coalition of Culture of Care, Resilience and Ecological Justice (LASIA-CAREJ) in partnership with Asian Sacred Wisdom (ASW). He is an associate professor of systematic theology at the Loyola School of Theology, Manila. His most recent E-Version of his September 21, 2023 book is entitled A Sacred Sojourn with the Spirit of Wisdom in the Era of Pnuema-Saptientolocen.


Ecocide of our <em>Oikos</em>: A Voice from Asia in a Multipolar World

In his point-blank manner, Francis draws our attention that such solutions suffered from “the irresponsible derision that would present this issue as something purely ecological, “green”, romantic, frequently subject to ridicule by economic interests.”