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Jonathon O'Donnell

S. Jonathon O’Donnell is a Visiting Scholar in the School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast. They are the author of Passing Orders: Demonology and Sovereignty in American Spiritual Warfare, published by Fordham University Press (2021). Their research in the areas of demonology, sovereign power, and systems of dehumanisation has been published in over a dozen journals, including ReligionEthnic and Racial Studies, and Political Theology, as well as in several edited volumes. They are currently engaged in two long-form research projects, interrogating the genealogical relation between demonology and state sovereignty and the relationship between demonology, ecology, and technology in the contemporary far-right.



[S]ituating demonology more fully in its religious and theological contexts furnishes resources that not only nuance understandings of movements for whom demonization is central, but also recontextualize discussions of core political theological concepts, including sovereignty, power, economy, subjectivity, and freedom.