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Joshua Ralston

Joshua Ralston is Lecturer in Muslim-Christian Relations at the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh and director and co-founder of the Christian-Muslim Studies Network funded by the Henry Luce Foundation. He has published widely on comparative theology, Christian-Muslim relations, and on the political theology of migration. He has co-edited two books, Church in an Age of Global Migration (Palgrave, 2016) with Susanna Synder and Religious Diversity in Europe: Insights from Comparative Theology (Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh, 2019) with Klaus von Stosch. His recently completed a monograph, Law and the Rule of God: Shari’a in Christian-Muslim Debate, and is currently working on a second book, Islamic Thought: A Primer for Christian Engagement.


Political Theology in Arabic

There seems to be, then, a road not yet taken by political theologians in North America and Europe: to participate with Arab thinkers in the work of writing comparative political theologies that decolonize knowledge and seek a more just alternative to the world as it stands.