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Julian Forth

Julian Forth (MDiv) is an independent scholar and community activist. He works alongside low-income residents in Washington, DC to advance tenant rights and address homelessness. He currently serves on the board of Diverse City Fund and the Douglass Community Land Trust. In recent years, he’s written on the work of Jean-Luc Nancy, presented on neoliberalism, and spoken on the importance of reading philosophy.


The Politics of Atheism

The Politics of Atheism Symposium sheds light on atheism’s emancipatory force. With a commitment to immanence, atheism can provide a counterweight to the pervasive appeals to God or other transcendent ideas used to legitimate systems of domination.


Jean-Luc Nancy

The subtlety and poetry of Nancy’s language can mask the rigor and the urgency of his thinking. I hope to share that rigor and urgency here, particularly as it relates to global capitalism, Christianity, and ontology.