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Kacey Dool

Kacey Dool is a PhD Candidate in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. Having received both a BAH and MA from Queen’s University, in Philosophy and Religious Studies respectively, her work addresses the intersections of reproductive histories and (in)justice, the settler-colonial state’s relationship to the ‘Church,’ and Indigenous re-telling of histories through visual and material cultures as an expression and exploration of her own Métis and mixed-European heritage. Kacey has contributed to the edited volume Decolonizing Discipline: Children, Corporeal Punishment, Christian Theologies, and Reconciliation (2020), Queen’s University’s CERES (2018) graduate journal, and is involved in a forthcoming chapter on Indigenous Youth and spiritual health. Kacey is currently a Teaching Fellow with Queen’s School of Religion, focusing on religion and sexuality.



Sometimes referred to as “population control,” other times “better breeding,” eugenics has been seen as a religious solution to social ills, and sometimes a new religion unto itself.