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Lisa Gasson-Gardner

Dr. Lisa Gasson-Gardner is a lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Her monograph project is tentatively titled Feeling Right: Political Theology, White Evangelical Christianity, and an Im/possible Project of Listening. She is also working on a project at the intersection of political theology and fat justice–a fat political theology.


Sara Ahmed

Scholars and activists cannot rely on fact-checking or dry reason in this political climate. We have to feel our way toward change.

Feeling fresh, feeling novel: What Charismatic-Evangelical Christian Practices Can Teach Us About Truth in the U.S.

Intense feeling is characteristic of Donald Trump’s political presence. The Trump rally, replete with chanting, screaming, and a long, rambling speech is an affect-laden performance. For people trained in charismatic-evangelical communities, Trump’s intense performance feels true.