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Lisa Cahill

Lisa Sowle Cahill is the J. Donald Monan, S.J., Professor of Theology at Boston College. She is a past president of the Catholic Theological Society of America and the Society of Christian Ethics. The recipient of eleven honorary degrees, Dr. Cahill serves on boards of the Journal of Religious Ethics; the British Journal Theology; the international journal Concilium; the Indian Catholic Journal Asian Horizons; and the Public Religion Research Institute. Dr. Cahill has written eight books including, Global Justice, Christology and Christian Ethics (Cambridge, 2013); Theological Bioethics: Participation, Justice and Change (Georgetown, 2005); Bioethics and the Common Good (Marquette 2004); Sex, Gender and Christian Ethics (Cambridge, 1996); and Love Your Enemies: Discipleship, Pacifism and Just War Theory (Fortress, 1994), a revised edition of which is in progress.


What Wink Got Right: The Church’s Practical Embodiment of the Sermon on the Mount

Wink presents the original contextual meaning of Jesus as also a timeless meaning. He tries to draw from the bible a clear and simple message—one that contains everything necessary for contemporary Christians to take a stand for nonviolence.