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Marcia Pally

Prof. Marcia Pally teaches at New York University, at Fordham University, and is an annual guest professor at the Theology Faculty of Humboldt University, Berlin. Her most recent books are Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality (2016), Mimesis and Sacrifice (2019), and America’s New Evangelicals (2011). Commonwealth and Covenantwas selected by the U.N. Committee on Education for Justice for worldwide distribution and was nominated for a Grawemeyer Award in religion. Prof. Pally has lectured at Oxford; Institut d’études européennes et internationales du Luxembourg; and the John F. Kennedy School for North American Studies/Berlin, among other institutions.She has spoken at the World Economic Forum and has been awarded the prestigious Mercator Guest Professorship (German Research Foundation) along with numerous other grants. In 2019-2020, she was a Fellow at the Center for Theological Inquiry (Princeton) and was twice a Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin (2007, 2010).


Economics, Politics, and Theologies of  Relationality

A second expression of relationality is covenant. It is a bond between distinct parties where each gives for the flourishing of the other. Unlike contract, which protects interests, covenant protects relationship.

Pandemic Police Populism

Blaming Covid 19 on the World Health Organization or on a lab in China and calling Black Lives Matter “radical leftist extremists” follow the American-populist playbook of responding to duress by targeting an alien “other” who have wronged “us” and whom “we’re” right to combat with force.