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Marcia Pally

Marcia Pally teaches at NYU and held the Mercator Guest Professorship in the theology faculty at Humboldt University in Berlin, where she is now an annual guest professor. Her most recent books are: White Evangelicals and Right-wing Populism: How Did We Get Here (2022), From The Broken Hill I Sing to You: God, Sex, and Politics in the Work of Leonard Cohen (2021), Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality (2016), and The New Evangelicals (2011).


The White Evangelical Vote: An Irony of American Religio-Political Culture

Why is populism persuasive and specifically persuasive to these religious Christians? Said another way, what makes right-wing populism seem, to deeply religious people, like the ‘ethical’ stance?

Economics, Politics, and Theologies of  Relationality

A second expression of relationality is covenant. It is a bond between distinct parties where each gives for the flourishing of the other. Unlike contract, which protects interests, covenant protects relationship.

Pandemic Police Populism

Blaming Covid 19 on the World Health Organization or on a lab in China and calling Black Lives Matter “radical leftist extremists” follow the American-populist playbook of responding to duress by targeting an alien “other” who have wronged “us” and whom “we’re” right to combat with force.