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Mikkel Flohr

works at the intersection of social and political theory, the history of ideas, and political sociology at the Department of Social Science and Business, Roskilde University in Denmark. He is currently researching states of exception as part of a research project funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. He is also working on a monograph on Karl Marx’s critique of political theology and co-editing a special issue of Political Theology on “Marx and Revolution.” He is a member of the Danish Society of Marxist Studies. His work has appeared in DistinktionTheory and EventTelosRethinking Marxism, and Parrhesia amongst others.”


Tearing Down the Heavens: Marx’ Critique of Religion, Atheism, and Political Economy

For Marx, religion is more than “the opium of the people,” it is the mirror of society turned upside down. This essay examines Marx’s critique of religion as well as his critique of other contemporary critiques of religion. This critique of religion became the starting point of his critique of political theology and, later, political economy.