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Mario Orospe Hernandez

Mario Orospe Hernandez is a doctoral candidate in Religious Studies at Arizona State University. He earned an MPhil in Philosophy from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where he specialized in political philosophy and liberation theology under the direction of Silvana Rabinovich and Enrique Dussel. He collaborates as a research assistant in the research project “Beyond Secularization: Religion, Science, and Technology in Public Life,“funded by the Templeton Religion Trust. He is interested in understanding the interaction between religion, capitalism, and technology. Thus, his dissertation research examines the impact of spirituality and rituals on the regimes of value, materiality, and labor in two poles of the tech-industry commodity chains: lithium mining in Bolivia and the development of technologies in Silicon Valley. His first book, “Biopolítica y Liberación: la noción de vida humana en Agamben y Dussel,” was published by the Argentinean Publisher Prometeo in 2023.


Cultivating Justice and Hope amid Different Worlds: An Interview with Silvana Rabinovich

Following this path, I intended to do a non-punitive reading on Cain’s wandering by presenting it as God’s opportunity to cultivate the land while moving around the territory. This view of the nomad seeks to rehabilitate another type of relationality with the Earth by recovering its dignity in different horizons.