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Mou Banerjee

Mou Banerjee received her Ph.D. from the Dept. of History at Harvard in 2018. Her first book, The Disinherited: Christianity and Conversion in Colonial India, 1813-1907 is forthcoming from Harvard University Press. The book-project is an intellectual and political history of the creation of the Indian political self – a self that emerged through an often-oppositional relationship with evangelical Christianity and the apologetic debates arising out of such engagements. Her research has been funded by the SSRC-IDRF dissertation research fellowship and the UW-Madison WARF Fellowships among others. Her second book, under contract with Juggernaut Press, India, is an intellectual history of the life and times of the pioneering Indian social reformer Raja Rammohan Roy. Banerjee’s research interests include the religion and politics in India and the history of borders and immigration in colonial South Asia.


Ghostly Presences and Hindutva 2.0: An Interview with Anustup Basu

The Hindu nationalist project is out-and-out an Orientalist one. It is not indigenous. It is inspired almost entirely within a colonial, Orientalist framework of knowledge.