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Ori Rotlevy

Dr. Ori Rotlevy is a scholar of continental philosophy, specializing in ethics, political philosophy and critical theory. He received his PhD in Philosophy from Tel Aviv University and was a postdoctoral fellow at FU-Berlin, the Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University. As a research fellow at the Minerva Humanities Center at Tel Aviv, he co-directed the research group “Tradition: Canon, Transmission and Critique”. Currently he serves as a teaching fellow at the International Liberal Arts Program at Tel Aviv. His research interests include critical thought (Kant, Benjamin and Foucault); the concepts of freedom, resistance and revolution; and post-secularism and the concept of tradition (Habermas, Asad and Mahmood). His latest publications include, “Askesis and Critique: Foucault and Benjamin” in Foucault Studies (2022), and “Barricades: Between Resistance and Revolution” in Critical Horizons (2022).


<strong>School Education and Divine Violence</strong>

“Thinking about school education through Walter Benjamin’s concept of divine violence, we argue that schools must be defended not despite but precisely because of the violence they encompass.”