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Özge Serin

Özge Serin (PhD, Anthropology, Columbia University) is a political anthropologist and emerging documentary filmmaker. Her research and writing are principally concerned with histories of radical politics, formations of violence, carceral regimes, and corporeal forms of resistance. Her book project, Writing of Death: Ethics and Politics of the Hunger Strike in Turkey, offers an ethnographically grounded engagement with the limit-experience in the underside of the hunger strike that is centered on a philosophical and political exploration of its temporal structure, transformative potential, communicative force and ethical vicissitudes. Currently, Serin is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics and Anthropology at Whitman College.


<strong>Hunger Strike</strong>

“Instead of neatly separating the forms of resistance to biosovereignty into life-affirming struggles and necroresistance and mapping them (and life and death) onto the reform/revolt dichotomy, I suggest that we conceive life and death as relational rather than oppositional categories. For every differentiation and intensification of death creates new possibilities of life; and every differentiation and intensification of life entails experiences of “death” that cannot be reduced to the power of one’s death.”