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Sarah Pessin

Sarah Pessin is Professor of Philosophy and Jewish Thought at the University of Denver (DU) where she also serves as Interfaith Chair. Sarah works in the phenomenology and philosophy of religion and race, medieval and modern Jewish thought, comparative Neoplatonisms, theopoetics, and interfaith civics. She has published on a wide range of Greek, Jewish, and Islamic figures and is the author of Solomon Ibn Gabirol’s Theology of Desire (Cambridge 2013) and the editor of the Jewish Tradition section in Medieval Philosophy: A Multicultural Reader (Bloomsbury 2019).


Rosenzweig’s The Star of Redemption and the Contemporary Moment

For the 100th anniversary of the publication of Franz Rosenzweig’s The Star of Redemption, we thought it appropriate to reflect on the relevance of this difficult theo-political (and some would say, apolitical) text for our contemporary political moment. In the spirit of opening living, critical, and generative conversations, four authors wrestle with the Star while also wrestling with a wide range of pressing present issues from politics and policing to racial injustice, religious identity, and radical hope.

America’s Love Problem: How Oprah’s Call to Friendship Feeds Bannon’s Call to Racism (or: On Three Strains of Liberal Lovesickness)

We have a call to responsibility regardless of whether you love or respect or agree with or feel in any way comfortable with your neighbor. It is the call to protect your neighbor even if you hate her.