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Sarah Pessin

Sarah Pessin

Sarah Pessin is Professor of Philosophy and Jewish Thought at the University of Denver (DU) where she also serves as the Interfaith Chair and Director of the Center for Judaic Studies. Sarah works on Levinas, comparative Neoplatonisms, and questions of philosophical/theological method; she also works broadly in the philosophy/theology of apophasis, the philosophy and phenomenology of religious experience, and philosophical/theological encounter with contemporary civic life. Sarah is involved in a number of diversity and inclusion initiatives on her campus; she is the curator of her campus’ interfaith challenge, is her campus’ team-leader for a national IFYC-AACU interfaith project, and she recently oversaw the creation of a Holocaust Memorial Social Action Site on her campus.


America’s Love Problem: How Oprah’s Call to Friendship Feeds Bannon’s Call to Racism (or: On Three Strains of Liberal Lovesickness)

We have a call to responsibility regardless of whether you love or respect or agree with or feel in any way comfortable with your neighbor. It is the call to protect your neighbor even if you hate her.