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Sergey Dolgopolski

Sergey Dolgopolski is Professor in the Departments of Jewish Thought and Comparative Literature and Gordon and Gretchen Gross Professor of Jewish Studies at the University at Buffalo, SUNY.

His general area of interest is the variety of ways in which philosophy and literature interact, creating new philosophical concepts and new literary forms. He specializes in the Talmud as a body of text and thought seen from poetic, rhetoric and philosophical perspectives, with a particular interest in mutual hermeneutics of philosophical, rhetorical and Talmudic traditions. His newest book is Other Others: The Political After the Talmud (Fordham University Press, 2018); he also authored The Open Past: Subjectivity and Remembering in the Talmud (Fordham U. Press, 2012) and What is Talmud? The Art of Disagreement (Fordham U. Press, 2009).


The Poke Between, or the Complex Negativity of the Non-Jew

The real scope of the project emerges when its intellectual polemical core is revealed. The book— a fruit of the shared interests of its authors in philology and political theology– is an attempt to mobilize philology in order to unearth the ground of political theology.