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Sharday Mosurinjohn

Sharday Mosurinjohn is Assistant Professor in the School of Religion at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. Her research focuses on new religious movements, as well as aesthetic and ontological questions raised by new media and technology. She is currently embarking on a Tri-Agency-funded study of existential, social, and political concerns involved in a medical AI diagnostic tool called the “digital cancer twin,” including how we think ourselves through time with predictive AI. Her first book The Spiritual Significance of Overload Boredom (2022, McGill-Queen’s University Press), is about boredom, heuristically framed in terms of “spiritual crisis,” in the age of information overload.



Sometimes referred to as “population control,” other times “better breeding,” eugenics has been seen as a religious solution to social ills, and sometimes a new religion unto itself.

N. Katherine Hayles

A reflection on the political implications of N. Katherine Hayles’ critical aesthetic inquiry into the ecological relationships between the human and the technological, thought and cognition, and information and materiality.