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Yin-An Chen

Yin-An Chen is a new Research Associate at the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide and an Anglican ordinand working in a benefice in rural Cambridgeshire. He just finished his training at Westcott House, Cambridge (UK). He received his MPhil in theology and religious studies from the University of Kent and MA in Christian theology from Durham University. He also studied anthropology and cultural studies at National Taiwan University and National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.

He is interested in contemporary theology, anthropology of Christianity, religion and ideology, queer theology, the theology of the body, postmodern theology of sacrament, liberation theologies, and Michel Foucault. He is working on a book project, entitled Toward a Micro-Political Theology: A Dialogue between Michel Foucault and Liberation Theologies (Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications).


Kuan-Hsing Chen

Chen suggests that Western political theologians should incorporate more resources from local knowledge—such as popular culture, literature, films, and music—in order to notice resistance in daily life.