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Call for Missing Issues of Political Theology

Dear friends,
Maney Publishing is trying to establish a complete archive of past issues of the journal Political Theology, and copies of issues 1.2 and 2.1 seem to have gone entirely missing. Maney is offering a reward—a free individual electronic subscription to the journal—to anyone who might have a copy of either issue, and be willing to part with it for two months for Maney to scan it. Copies will be returned intact to the lenders.

If you do have a copy of either of these issues for us, and if it is a clean copy with no markings, please send it by post to:
Rebecca Hill
Maney Publishing, Suite 1C
Joseph’s Well, Hanover Walk
Leeds LS3 1AB
United Kingdom

and notify Rebecca by email at R.Hill@maneypublishing.com.  

Thanks for your help!

The PT Editorial Team

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