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CFA – PTN Dissertation Workshop

PTN is now accepting applications from PhD students for participating in a virtual Dissertation Workshop in January 2021

Thanks to the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation, the Political Theology Network is awarding a limited number of stipends to emerging scholars who would like to participate in a virtual Dissertation workshop that would allow them to connect with senior scholars in their area of study. Award recipients will be invited to participate in workshops to be held on three Fridays in January 2021

The goal of the workshop is to help facilitate completion of the dissertation and to guide students in their transition to careers in academia.

The workshop will include up to five PhD candidates, each of whom will present a dissertation chapter, along with four scholars in the area who will moderate the discussions.

We understand political theology as a field that draws upon multiple religious traditions, as well as various disciplines like philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology, political science, and ethics, to name just a few. For this reason, we especially invite applications from PhD students who take an interdisciplinary, or cross-disciplinary approach to their studies.

Before the workshop each student participant will share one draft of a dissertation chapter, and all participants will read each other’s work in advance and prepare feedback. Faculty leaders and students will discuss the drafts and provide detailed comments. Each graduate participant will be expected to offer formal comments on one of the papers, scheduled in advance. 

Program participants will have the opportunity to:

  • pursue possible collaborations with fellow PhD students and/or scholars in the field
  • build relationships with senior scholars in the field
  • develop and strengthen networking skills

Eligibility: This award is available to PhD students who have completed all of their degree requirements except the dissertation (ABD).  Students must be actively writing their dissertations.

Amount: Each program participant will receive a $500 honorarium

Application Process: Please submit the following:

  1. Completed “Applicant Information” form in the attached document below. 
  2. CV
  3. A 500-word personal statement, indicating how your research addresses the intersection of religion and politics
  4. A chapter of your dissertation or a long paper related to your dissertation topic that you would like the workshop to discuss

Deadline: Please e-mail these materials to iradzins@csustan.edu by November 6, 2020.  Recipients will be notified by December 4, 2020. 

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