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Editorial Team Changes at Political Theology

Milinda Banerjee, Karma Ben Johanan, Méadhbh McIvor, and Wonchul Shin take on new roles at the journal Political Theology

The journal Political Theology is very pleased to announce that four distinguished scholars are taking new roles on the journal’s editorial team. Milinda Banerjee and Méadhbh McIvor will take on a new role, as Special Projects Editors, where they will be aided by Graduate Assistant Jacques Linder. The Special Projects team will oversee interviews, review essays, and round table discussions in the journal. Karma Ben Johanan is joining the journal as an Associate Editor. Wonchul Shin will join as a Book Review Editor in September; he will continue serving as Managing Editor of politicaltheology.com through July.

Like the Political Theology Network of which it is a part, Political Theology aims to provide a home for interdisciplinary discussions of the intersection of religion and politics, carefully attending to multiple religious traditions and embracing a variety of scholarly methods. The journal publishes eight issues each year with Routledge and always welcomes 6,000-9,000 word article manuscript submissions as well as proposals for special issues and special projects.

Milinda Banerjee is Lecturer in Modern History at the University of St. Andrews, where he directs the MLitt program in Global Social and Political Thought. He is the author of The Mortal God: Imagining the Sovereign in Colonial India, published by Cambridge University Press in 2018.

Karma Ben Johanan holds the chair in Jewish-Christian relations at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Trained as a historian, her book A Pottage of Lentils: Mutual Perceptions of Christians and Jews in the Age of Reconciliation was published in Hebrew in 2020, with a translation forthcoming from Harvard University Press.

Méadhbh McIvor is a Junior Research Fellow at Pembroke College, Oxford. A social anthropologist, McIvor’s research uses ethnographic methods to examine the connections between religion and law. Her first book, Representing God: Christian Legal Activism in Contemporary England, was published by Princeton University Press in 2020.

Wonchul Shin is an incoming Catherine of Siena Teaching Fellow at Villanova University. As a Christian ethicist, Shin writes on faith-based social movements in global contexts. He is currently writing Resurrecting Virtues against Evil: Practicing the Virtues of the Oppressed in the Context of Violence.

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