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New Book Series: Transforming Political Theologies

Announcing a new book series “Transforming Political Theologies” published by Routledge.

New Book Series: Transforming Political Theologies

Edited by Judith Gruber, Vincent Lloyd, and David True

Published by Routledge

Political theology is a vibrant, interdisciplinary field of scholarship investigating deep connections between religion and politics. Scholars of Christian theology, religious studies, and critical theory have brought great energy to the field, investigating not only connections between ideas about God and ideas about the sovereign but also connections between religious and political notions of law, justice, love, hope, and tradition, in theory and practice. But the norms and authorities of political theology remain primarily European and North American, even as the field speaks to questions of global interest and import. This series seeks to expand the scholarly conversation about political theology by introducing national and regional contexts, religious traditions, scholarly methods, questions, and authorities that will transform the field, provincializing its origins and expanding its future possibilities.

The book series welcomes proposals that allow readers to think about the field of political theology in new ways. This might be by bringing in voices that have not received sufficient attention in the field, by attending to contexts outside Western Europe and North America, by exploring traditions beyond Christianity, by privileging the perspective of grassroots social movements, by introducing new methods, or by experimenting with style or authorship.

If you have an idea or a proposal, please reach out to the three editors:

Judith Gruber is a research professor and director of the Centre for Liberation Theologies at KU-Leuven, Belgium. Her research brings Catholic theology into conversation with critical cultural theories. She has published on intercultural theology, global Christianities, postcolonial theory, immigration, and trauma. judith.gruber@kuleuven.be

Vincent Lloyd is Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, and Director of Africana Studies, at Villanova University, USA. He has published books on Black theology, secularism, prison abolition, philosophy of religion, and religion and law. Lloyd co-edits the journal Political Theology. vincent.lloyd@villanova.edu

David True is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Wilson College, USA. He is a scholar of Protestant theology, ethics, and politics. He co-edited a book on Reinhold Niebuhr and virtue, and he has an edited book on prophecy and democracy forthcoming. True co-edits the journal Political Theology. david.true@wilson.edu

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