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Political Theology Adds New Editorial Team Members

The journal Political Theology announces new members of its editorial team.

The journal Political Theology is excited to welcome new members to many of its editorial teams. Hannah Strømmen joins the Political Theology Editorial Collective, after serving as for a term as an Associate Editor. The Editorial Collective looks forward to welcoming Dr. Strømmen’s biblical expertise to the journal.

Prathama Banerjee, Samuel Hayim Brody, Tommy Lynch, Marika Rose, Ekaputra Tupamahu, and Alana M. Vincent join Karma Ben Johanan as Associate Editors. The journal looks forward to their creative insight when curating special issues and referring articles.

Finally, Benjamin P. Davis and Matt Elia join Méadhbh McIvor and Milinda Banerjee as Special Projects Editors. The journal and website looks forward to Dr. Davis and Dr. Elia curating projects on “The Brink” of many scholarly and activist conversations.

New Editorial Collective Member

Hannah Strømmen is Wallenberg Academy Fellow in Biblical Studies at Lund University in Sweden. Her research focuses on contemporary uses and interpretations of the Bible in philosophy, literature and politics. She has written a book on Derrida and the Bible (Biblical Animality after Jacques Derrida, 2018), and has more recently been researching Bible-use in the contemporary European far right. Her latest monograph, co-written with Ulrich Schmiedel, was The Claim to Christianity: Responding to the Far Right (2020). She is currently leading a project called ‘Scripture and Secularism’, which examines the relationship between biblical texts and secularization.

New Associate Editors

Prathama Banerjee is Professor of History at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi. She is the author of Politics of Time: “Primitives” and History-writing in a Colonial Society (2006) and Elementary Aspects of the Political: Histories from the Global South (2020). She is interested in longue duree histories of political concepts in the Indic languages and in rethinking democratic theory in the age of planetary crises.

Samuel Hayim Brody, Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Kansas, studies modern Jewish thought. He is particularly interested in the way modern Jewish thinkers understand and relate to the professionalization and specialization of thought under liberalism, e.g. “political theory” and “economics,” and the challenges these pose to a holistic monotheism. He is the author of Martin Buber’s Theopolitics (2018) and the co-editor, with Julie E. Cooper, of The King is in the Field: Essays in Modern Jewish Politics (2023). 

Tommy Lynch is Reader in Political Theology at the University of Chichester (UK). He is the author of Apocalyptic Political Theology: Hegel, Taubes and Malabou. He has been a Fellow at the Centre for Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Studies at Heidelberg University. He is currently on the Executive Committee of the Political Theology Network and is on the International Advisory Board of ‘At the End of the World: A Transdisciplinary Approach to the Apocalyptic Imaginary in the Past and Present’, a project at Lund University. His research focuses on apocalypticism and the relationship between race and religion.

Marika Rose is senior lecturer in philosophical theology at the University of Winchester. She works at the intersection of continental philosophy and theology; her current project focuses on angels, cyborgs, and the political theology of disenchantment. She is the author of A Theology of Failure: Žižek Against Christian Innocence (2019) and Theology for the End of the World (2023).

Ekaputra Tupamahu is Assistant Professor of New Testament at Portland Seminary.  He received his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University.  Tupamahu has a broad range of interests, including the politics of language, race/ethnic theory, postcolonial studies, immigration studies, critical study of religion, and global Christianity (particularly Pentecostal/Charismatic movement). All these interests inform and influence the way he approaches the texts of the New Testament and the history of early Christian movement(s).  He is the author of Contesting Languages (2022).

Alana M. Vincent is Associate Professor in Religious Studies at Umeå University. They have previously held posts at the University of Chester, University of Glasgow, and Swedish Theological Institute (Jerusalem). They are a specialist in contemporary Judaism and Jewish-Christian dialogue, and have particular interests in the intersection of religion, politics, and popular culture.

New Special Projects Editors

Benjamin P. Davis is a postdoctoral fellow in African American Studies at Saint Louis University. He is the author of Choose Your Bearing: Édouard Glissant, Human Rights and Decolonial Ethics (Edinburgh UP, 2023) and Simone Weil’s Political Philosophy: Field Notes from the Margins (Rowman & Littlefield, 2023). He writes frequently at Public Seminar

Matt Elia will be Assistant Professor of Theology, Race, and the Environment at Saint Louis University, beginning Fall 2023. His book, The Problem of the Christian Master: Augustine in the Afterlife of Slavery is forthcoming with Yale University Press.

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