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PTN Is Now Launching Membership!

PTN is now launching membership! Please consider becoming a member!

Political Theology Network (PTN) announces exciting news about the future of the Political Theology Network.

Beginning today, we can all officially become Members of PTN through our newly revamped website, politicaltheology.com.

The membership cost is pay-as-you-wish and any membership fees collected this year will go toward our ongoing COVID-19 relief efforts. We hope that everyone associated with PTN in any way will become a Member. Your PTN membership will connect you with all of our ongoing activities, will help us communicate across the network, and will help us tailor future PTN opportunities to your interests.

We hope you will help us invite others to join: anyone interested in promoting the publicly engaged, interdisciplinary study of religion and politics is welcome.

To join, visit politicaltheology.com/membership or click the menu “Become a Member” on the top or bottom of the website.

Thank you for your continued support of the Political Theology Network as we move into this exciting new phase!

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