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The Racial Contract and Religion: Webinar Announcement

On Thursday, November 10 at 6 PM Eastern Time, the Political Theology Network will host a webinar conversation around Charles Mills’ The Racial Contract.

This September, the Political Theology Network commemorated Charles Mills’ life and the 25th anniversary of The Racial Contract through a series of scholarly reflections by contributors working in and across the fields of Black studies, philosophy, political theology, sociology, ethics, and Indigenous studies. On Thursday, November 10 at 6 PM Eastern Time, six of these scholars will continue the conversation via webinar, accessible through the link below:


Please join us as the following scholars engage in conversation about Charles Mills’ legacy and The Racial Contract:

Biko Mandela Gray, Syracuse University (facilitator)

Asaf Angermann, University of Louisville

Christophe Ringer, Chicago Theological Seminary

Holly Randell-Moon, Charles Sturt University

Tommy Lynch, University of Chichester

Uzma Jamil, McGill University

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