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Announcing the Political Theology Article Contest

The journal Political Theology announces its first ever article contest for all accepted unsolicited submissions in the year 2024. Submit your article now!

What are the cutting edge thinkers, conversations, or theories in political theology? How do we understand the relationships between religion, politics, experience, practice, and thought? What are the political-theological archives that have yet to be explored, or can’t be explored? How does political theology engage, speak to, or appear in other disciplines? The journal Political Theology encourages authors to consider these questions and submit an article for its new article contest in 2024. 

We invite authors to submit a manuscript to the journal’s submission portal. Any unsolicited article accepted for publication in 2024 will be eligible for consideration. The Political Theology Editorial Collective will review published submissions in late 2024 and select a winner. To allow enough time for the peer review and publication process, we recommend submitting your article by May 1. Articles submitted, but not published, in 2024 will be considered in 2025’s Article Contest. 

Articles will be evaluated on their contribution to the field; their originality; insight into a conversation, thinker, or movement; argument and organization. 

Three winners will be selected: a contest winner, a runner-up, and an “early career” scholar. The early career scholar prize will be awarded to someone who is a graduate student, up to someone who earned their Ph.D. in 2021. Recognizing the precarity of the academic job market, we will award the early career scholar article award with a cash prize. The contest winner and runner up will be awarded with book vouchers for Routledge books.

Winners will be invited to be panelists for Political Theology’s “State of the Field” virtual event in February 2025. With questions, please reach out to Jacques Linder, Managing Editor, (jacques.linder@villanova.edu).

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