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Stuck at home? Join the PTN for a series of virtual workshops on supersessionism, sexuality, surveillance, and more.

The conference will foster interdisciplinary conversations about ethics and economics, giving special attention to the place of religion and theology in ethical engagement with economics, markets, money, and finance

With the Centre for Theology and Public Issues in the School of Divinity, the Institute offers the CTPI Duncan Forrester Fellowship for early-career researchers working in public theology, especially in relation to areas such as peacebuilding and the arts, politics and migration, environmental ethics, and law and justice.

Topics include “Aquinas’s Five Ways and Where They Lead,” “The Thought of John Henry Newman,” and “Truth and Authority in Augustine’s City of God.”


For the sixth year in a row, we are hosting a party in conjunction with the American Academy of Religion meeting.

The Political Theology Network invites applications from early-career scholars for its 2020-2021 Emerging Scholars in Political Theology program.

CIRIS invites papers and panel proposals in three categories: ‘Belief and belonging’, ‘Protestantism, neo-Babylonianism and democratic politics’, and ‘Responsibility of churches’.

Down to Earth

Join us for a lecture and conversation with leading ecofeminist theologian and feminist philosopher of religion Dr. Catherine Keller.

Join a reading group sponsored by the Political Theology Network treating Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow.

The originality of this school is to bring a decolonial view to Theology of Liberation that is sensitive to questions of coloniality of power, being and knowledge.

Proposals are invited for papers that address any aspect of “peace” from within Islamic or Christian frameworks.

The goal is to help facilitate completion of the dissertation and to assist students in transitioning to careers. The workshop will also provide students with a network of peers in the field and allow for a discussion about the state of political theology more broadly

Is it the case that the European political theology is indeed derived, not from the universal requirements of any sovereign order (as Schmitt sometimes claimed), but rather from specific Christian underpinnings? Or is it the case that a fundamentally similar political ideology, one which depends on the logic of sovereignty rather than on parochial cultural assumptions, can indeed be found elsewhere?

New issues from the twentieth year of our journal feature articles on Hobbes, poverty, Indonesia, and more, as well as a special issue on Christos Yannaras.

The essays sought will both demonstrate ongoing ethnographic research and address the questions of the call: how to relate the post-liberal and liberationist motivations behind this work, and/or the gap between fact and norm.

We invite 200-300 word proposals on political theology broadly understood.

PTN seeks essays that explore the confluences of political theology with either particular texts in the genres of speculative fiction or the imaginative and analytic work involved in speculative fiction as a social practice

Join a reading group sponsored by the Political Theology Network treating Fanon’s book Black Skin, White Masks.

We invite proposals of 200-300 words for projects exploring political theology, broadly understood as an interdisciplinary conversation about intersections of religious and political ideas and practices.

This international and interdisciplinary conference aims to interrogate both the roles of theology in populism and the roles of populism in theology.

The dialogue at the 2019 Black Muslim Psychology Conference will explore the impact of internalized oppression, notions of Black inferiority and assumptions of Islamic inauthenticity on identity, well-being and development of Black/African Muslims in the United States.

The workshop provides grants to graduate students to attend the annual meeting and to participate in a half-day workshop, facilitated by senior scholars in the area of political theology.

Reading group: Frantz Fanon

Join a reading group sponsored by the Political Theology Network treating Fanon’s book Black Skin, White Masks.

The colloquium hopes to recharge the practical theorizing of political theology at the gathering point of the crises of the present.

The purpose of the conference is to examine the dynamic relationship between politics, as the art of building the structures of shared life, and theology, as the articulation of our interrelatedness in God.

The department invites proposals from graduate students and early-career scholars working in theological studies, moral theology and ethics, political theology, and related disciplines

The workshop aims to address the implications of re-opening historical debate on revolutions which take seriously the input of political-religion.

The journal invites work that shares its curiosity about how the queer as an ontological, ethico-political, historical, and materialist category worthy of exploration might in itself emerge from the meeting of the political and the theological

The conference will bring together theologians, legal scholars, artists and leaders of faith communities to explore the causes, processes and effects of global migration

Reading Group: Sylvia Wynter

Join a reading group sponsored by the Political Theology Network treating Wynter’s essay “Unsettling the Coloniality of Being/Power/Truth/Freedom”.

PTN at the AAR 2018

Join PTN on Saturday, November 17 from 7:30-10:30 pm at the Atrium Alcove in the Embassy Suites (1420 Stout St., Denver; just one block from the Convention Center) for our annual reception.

Religions, a peer-reviewed, open access journal of theology, invites scholars to submit papers for its special issue, “Political Theology and Pluralism.”

The Telos-Paul Piccone Institute, in collaboration with
Deutsches Haus at New York University, is pleased to host the 2019 Telos Conference, “Political Theology Today as Critical Theory of the Contemporary: Reason, Religion, Humanism.”