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Abdul Vajid

Abdul Vajid is a graduate student of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London. Vajid’s research is focused on exploring and creating intersections of psychoanalysis, philosophy, politics and theology in understanding sites of resistances/rebellion/revolutions, specifically in the Global South and how resisting subjects and revolutionary events create/determine/inspire the opening for critical theoretical formulations and radical political imaginations.



If we understand political theology as the mobilization of theological ethos to manage political existence in the world, or theodicial redemption of being-in-the world of oppression and domination, the theology operational here could thus be tentatively called an anti-political theology. Anti-politics in the sense of the rejection of politics in favor of the immediacy of the oppositional freedom, and in its indifference in articulating sovereign futurities, which promise liberation in another worldly political order. In its fatal determination to rebel, it speaks only (or is only able to) of the irredeemability of this world.