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Caleb Lázaro Moreno

Caleb Lázaro Moreno theorizes about how stories are told, how dreams inform our sense of what’s real, and how we might be able to more effectively trick ourselves into dreaming up states of psychomaterial embodiment and communication that are creatively decolonial, non-authoritarian, and post-expertise. Lázaro Moreno is currently conducting research on mixed-media storytelling and developing an alternative to the traditional interview by implementing “soñadora theory”––a decolonial approach for better understanding the ebbs and flows of power across sites of knowledge production, their exchanges, and both the interpretative and archival practices involved.


In Convivencia, a Reflection on The Sense of Brown

This piece features a multimedia reflection on José Esteban Muñoz’s The Sense of Brown, which emphasizes the text’s radical approach to imagining solidarities and social relations beyond the normative paradigms of identity politics and its permutations. Through both textual poetics and sound design, Wadud and Lázaro Moreno riff off Muñoz’s own performance-based approach to storytelling and meaning-making, engaging Sense as an invitation to reconsider the aesthetic and philosophical terms of community-making, centering the power of counterintuitive methods.