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David Brazil

David Brazil is a pastor, poet, and translator. His books include Holy Ghost (City Lights, 2017), antisocial patience (Roof, 2015), and The Ordinary (Compline, 2013). With Chika Okoye, he was the founding co-curator of the Berkeley Art Museum’s Black Life series, focused on cultural production in the African diaspora. He lives in New Orleans, where he co-pastors the Apostles Fellowship church and coordinates Abolition Apostles (abolitionapostles.org), a national jail and prison ministry.


Abolition Apostles

David Brazil, Sarah Pritchard, Precious Bedell, and Joshua Dubler discuss the foundations of a national jail and prison ministry.

Ernst Bloch

In many ways, Bloch’s work inverts the classic dictum of political theology advanced by Carl Schmitt, that “all significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts.” For Bloch, theological concepts are intimations of the freedom of the secular and revolutionary socialist society.