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Elliot Sturdy

Elliot Sturdy is a PhD student at the Department of Modern Languages at Newcastle University (UK). He is currently writing his PhD thesis on Ingeborg Bachmann and the contemporary transformations of the Doppelgänger. His MA thesis examined the relationship between Catherine Malabou’s work on neuroplasticity and Michel Foucault’s lectures on the care of the self. He has previously published an article on Maurice Blanchot and the relationship between Bavardage(loquacity) and literature. He has also delivered conference papers on Theodor Adorno and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Alongside Catherine Malabou, his other research interests include the notion of sense in the work of Jean-Luc Nancy and the concept of philology in the later writings of Werner Hamacher. He also has a strong interest in the post-dramatic theatre of Romeo Castellucci.


Catherine Malabou

To read Catherine Malabou is to embark upon an adventure of thought. Her writing demands change from her readers if they are to follow her on that adventure. It is a process of change that is sometimes joyful, sometimes painful.